kelechi agwuncha

Synonyms of Orange

In the midst of a thickening, hyper-dreamscape an orange-black onlooker navigates outside, only to come home to their image. A meditation on color, memory, exposure through light, and futurity.

Artist Statement

Synonyms of Orange surveils an obscure figure working in isolation from 'day to nite' in a span of less than ten minutes. The piece collapses time through slowly unveiling a figure in shifting light as a black or auburn-melanated human. In its development, there was this fascination with re-narrativizing  an abandoned playground game, tetherball, which opposes mature linear, calculated sports through its spiral motions. Uninterrupted, solo- cyclical movements of the black-orange figure amongst nature gradually impeaches the innocence of tetherball and transforms it into a mechanized rhythm. This results in a birth and maturity of a figure attached to movement to survive. Similar to the inception of Detroit Techno, the video also takes from the natural phenomenon of post-industrial work. Commodified, systematic movements of work become a line dance of bouncy mechanized sounds of future dreamscapes. Self and modernization then co-exists to create a utopia.


Kelechi Agwuncha is a Chicago & San Diego based visual artist. They harmonize video, film, and photography to migrate vague childhood memories into tethered movements of black bodies. Their work (re)signifies aesthetics of futurism, color, fragmentation, and ‘televised’ athletic figures. This pulses towards Igbo-Nigerian heritage.

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