Małgorzata Mycek

Selfie w słodkim domku
(Sweet home)
Acrylic, oil pastels and spray on canvas
100x100 cm

Description / Statement

My works are the study of modern humans. I portray people chasing for something that is out of reach - for feeling, for wealth and fame, for permanent happiness. Visual works are a part of my contemplations on vernacular culture. I’m mostly interested in rural areas and problems of rural communities.


Małgorzata Mycek, born 15.12.1993 in Sanok, Poland

I am studying painting in the painting and drawing department at the University of the Arts Poznań. I mostly paint, but I also use different media like film, performance or installation. I engage in shared projects. Currently I work on an initiative called Bomba Magazine. As a result of that cooperation, I have curated and taken part in a few collective exhibitions. 

I participated in many exhibitions and realized my own curatorial projects. My works have been published in many zines, catalogs and magazines. As a Bomba Magazine initiative, we have organized the biggest zine festival in Poznań in 2019, in which publishers from all around Poland took part. In 2019 Bomba Magazine was awarded in the Mlode Wilki contest.

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