Real Fiction Hotline is a collaborative project by Woohee Cho and Jenny Eom. It is a space for dialogue within an online art viewing environment and utilizes questions generated with elements of randomness. It places value on intimate narratives created around what is exhibited and aims to reconsider ideas of relationality within an art exhibition.

*Text messages sent to Real Fiction Hotline may be used in print and for documentation purposes. Phone numbers will not be disclosed.


Jenny Eom is a multidisciplinary artist whose current body of work focuses on creating discursive platforms that hold (and are held by) bodies, inquiries, thoughts, communities, criticality, and multiplicity. Through installations, interventions, performance and workshopping, the opportunities of artmaking are viewed as a way to engage deeply with viewers and participants, often blurring the line between viewer/audience and work/performer. Institutions, organizing, food and labor are common materials used to reveal the power dynamics within the systems, spaces, and relationships we occupy while explorations of rituals, gifting, and hospitality are used to suggest new ways of structuring our society by digressing from conventional categories and boundaries. Jenny received a BFA in Photography & Imaging from New York University and an MFA in Art from the California Institute of the Arts.

Woohee Cho is an LA-based interdisciplinary artist working with video installation and performance. The key theme of his work is self-identity. He identifies as a gay male who grew up in a religious, conservative middle-class Korean family. His identities and living environment merged and clashed with each other, which inspired him and gave him a deeper understanding of self-identification. Cho’s work usually stems from his personal experiences and aims to expose and queer the structural irony of patriarchal, heterosexual norms. His body, functioning as the active agent, material, and medium of his artwork, is put into discomfort and trauma within the work and serves as the playground/battleground for discourse. Cho received a BFA from Seoul National University, and an MFA from California Institute of the Arts, Los Angeles in 2020.

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