Sonia Knop


Mood is a portrayal of a self-proclaimed activist who has lost touch with reality. His need to do moral good, in which he takes it upon himself to find something undiscovered in the Colonial Picture Archive Frankfurt, fails because of the complexity of the project. Instead of confronting the futility of his undertaking, he develops an obsessive compulsion to organize and drives himself into mania renting a hotel room surrounded by the most abstract images from the archive.

Artist Statement

My video and text work blurs categories and genres such as thriller, fantasy, true-crime, experimental documentary and archival approaches.


Sonia Knop (* 1995 Tomsk, Russia) is an artist, filmmaker and writer. Since 2016 she has been studying fine arts and video at the Städelschule Frankfurt Main and the Cooper Union New York. She is also a scholarship holder of the Ernst Ludwig Ehrlich Studienwerk since 2018. Lives and works in Frankfurt/Main.

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