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Saturday Panels

Oct 10th, 12pm ●
(moderated by Arushi Singh & Christina Novakov-Ritchey)

Oct 17th, 11am ●
(moderated by Darla Migan & Luce de Lire)

Oct 24th, 12pm ●
(moderated by Manuel Arturo-Abreu)

Oct 31, 11am ●
(moderated by Triwi Harjito & Ana Stojanovic)

More information on the panels can be found below.


Hope as Discipline: A Manifesto Workshop
Oct 11th and Oct 25th, 12-3pm ●
(by Gosia Wojas, Silvi Naçi and Ana Baginski)
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Guillermo Gomez-Pena

As you are navigating through this exhibition, please consider participating in Real Fiction Hotline, a live text messaging engagement enacted by artists Woohee Cho and Jenny Eom.

Manuel arturo-abreu
Oct 9th, 7PM ●

Twenty-nine free and independent nations of Asia and Africa are meeting in Bandung, Indonesia, to discuss ‘racialism and colonialism’ … What was this? I scanned the list of nations involved … I began a rapid calculation of the population of the nations listed and, when my total topped the billion mark, I stopped, pulled off my glasses and tried to think....And what had these nations in common? Nothing, it seemed to me, but their past relationship to the Western world … This meeting of the rejected was in itself a kind of judgment upon that Western world!”

Richard Wright reportage on Bandung in Black Power: Three Books from Exile

Additional Panel Information:

The Contradictions of Non-Alignment

Christina Novakov-Ritchey and Arushi Singh
In conversation with:
Anika Ahuja
Claire Chambless
Woohee Cho
Jenny Eom
Sonia Knop
Ian Dolton-Thornton

“Between” serves as both an absence and an anticipation. While to be in-between is to be nowhere (neither one thing nor the other), it is also an active space of redefinition where one has the potential to articulate a new position. Within the context of this exhibition, “between” as absence and anticipation is explored through the lens of non-alignment. This panel discussion will circle around themes of absence, accountability, decentering the author and artistic responsibility.  

Luce de Lire & Darla Migan 
In conversation with:
Anietie Ekanem
Grace Phillips
Guava Rhee
Laurie Robins
Shirin Towfiq

manuel arturo abreu & Hannah Black
In conversation with:
Kelechi Agwuncha
Kevin Claiborne
Alexis Gautier
Stephanie Mei Huang
Mariana Parisca
Evelyn Yin

Triwi Harjito & Ana Stojanovic
In conversation with:
Rachel Ashton
Miko Veldkamp
Tania Zaidi
Miguel Monroy
Gosia Wojas
Silvi Naçi